Our Cannabis Tour

We are the Premier Marijuana tour company of Vancouver. Our goal was to educate guests of the magic that is Cannabis. With legalization upon us we are on a crusade to break the stigma of Marijuana. Vancouver being the epicentre of Canadian Cannabis and home of BC BUD we are thrilled to show you the wonders of the Cannabis plant and the beauty of Canada’s most beautiful city.

Founded by Two childhood friends who have been in the Canadian Cannabis industry for the past 12 years fighting for legalization and decriminalization of the Cannabis plant. Tim is a leading Cannabis Consultant in Canada helping companies navigate the legal market and helping train staff to be well prepared in all aspects. Samuel is one of the leading extract consultants in the nation. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is passed down onto our guests. Each Tour is hand tailored by the duo to ensure quality.

Many companies have tried to imitate us but none have succeeded to duplicate us.



The Essential Cannabis Tour


An all in one Tour for all Vancouver visitors 19+. A visit to the first legal Dispensary’s in Vancouver combined with a visit to one of our Infamous Vapour lounges while also stopping to visit some of Vancouver’s top landmarks.

The Couples Cannabis Package


Whether your with your best buddy or with your significant other. Get driven around Town in a luxury vehicle while experiencing the beautiful sights of Vancouver and enjoying our Top rated Cannabis tour.

Ultimate Walking Cannabis Tour


For our health enthusiasts. A walkthrough beautiful and scenic Vancouver rain or shine! With your personal guide feel free to stop and smoke at anytime while asking all the questions you can think of. Informative and healthy !


You know what they call an alternative medicine that s been proven to work? medicine
— Dr.Mike Blaise

Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada to anyone over the age of 19+. Vancouver being the capital of bc bud. we look forward to showing you the best our city has to offer


visiting the first legal establishments in the city, while viewing and being given the opportunity to purchase some of the finest cannabis in the world. while being accompanied by an expert to help guide you along the journey. we understand it can be overwhelming we are there to help you every step of the way


Not only visit some of the best and legal shops in Vancouver but also get a chance to visit some of Vancouver’s famous landmarks and discover the beautiful attractions and scenery Vancouver has to offer


Your own personal guide to help you along every step of the way. Our guides are not only Vancouver experts but are a wealth of knowledge of all things Cannabis and are ready to answer any questions you may have!